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Are you unhappy with the appearance of your smile? Do you often feel self-conscious about chips, gaps, and other imperfections?

Porcelain veneers can cover these cosmetic flaws to create a beautiful, natural-looking smile that you'll be proud to show off.

Dr. Gerald M. Lande can completely transform the aesthetics of your smile with custom porcelain veneers at our Carmel, IN, practice. 

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Dental flaws can cause us to hide our smiles from the world. With veneers, Dr. Lande can address multiple cosmetic concerns with a single treatment. Wear your smile with pride. Contact our Carmel, IN, practice to request your consultation.

Veneers Offer Dramatic Results

Porcelain veneers are one of the most popular treatments at Lande Cosmetic, Implant, and Family Dentistry. Our Carmel, IN, dentist can use them to conceal chips, cracks, stains, gaps, and more. With proper care and regular checkups with Dr. Gerry Lande, your veneers can last for many years to come.

Porcelain veneers are one of the most popular treatments at Lande Cosmetic, Implant, and Family Dentistry. Our Carmel, IN, dentist can use them to conceal chips, cracks, stains, gaps, and more. With proper care and regular checkups with Dr. Gerry Lande, your veneers can last for many years to come.

We Love Creating New Smiles

"So thankful for Dr.Lande for making my smile beautiful."

See How Veneers Transformed This Patient's Smile  

Before image of stained and cracked teeth
Before Veneers
After image of perfect teeth
After Veneers
Our veneers are crafted from strong, natural-looking porcelain rather than lower-quality materials like resin. They are secured to the front of your tooth to cover minor to moderate cosmetic imperfections. Once placed, they are indistinguishable from your natural teeth. You can have a gorgeous, natural-looking smile just like the patient above. Contact our Carmel dental office to learn more about veneers and the other cosmetic dentistry options we provide.

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Dentist Gerald M. Lande at Lande Cosmetic, Implant, and Family Dentistry will listen to your needs and cosmetic goals before recommending the right treatment for you. Contact us to learn more about dental veneers and begin the first step toward achieving your dream smile.

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Dr. Gerald Lande
Dr. Gerald Lande has been helping patients smile since 1984.

We Offer High-Quality Care

Experienced and Comprehensive Care

Dr. Gerald Lande has been treating patients with top-of-the-line restorative and cosmetic dentistry since 1984. Patients know and trust our level of care and experience and continuously return to us for treatment. From whitening to implants, we offer the entire spectrum of procedures to keep your smile looking and feeling healthy.

Advanced Technology and Safety

Our practice has decades of experience treating patients with porcelain veneers. Utilizing the best and most innovative technology in the field, we provide safe and effective dental work that stands the test of time. As a family-run practice, we deliver compassionate and personalized care to each of our valued patients. 

Your Comfort

Our entire practice is designed for patient comfort and convenience. In addition, we offer sedation dentistry options to ease the stress and anxiety of your visit.  These options include topical anesthetic and conscious oral sedation, a pre-medication to ease the anxiety that can accompany a dental visit.

Dr. Lande Is Highly Recommended by His Patients

"He is the gentlest, most clinically skilled, and professionally competent dentist that my family has ever discovered, which is why he has been our only family dentist for over 25 years." Judy Davis

The Dental Veneers Process

Our high tech dental practice, Lande Cosmetic, Implant, and Family Dentistry, is equipped to efficiently provide quality veneers. Your treatment at our Carmel, IN, office will follow these basic steps:
Placing porcelain veneers requires two visits over the course of two to three weeks.
Placing porcelain veneers requires two visits over the course of two to three weeks.


Patients meet with Dr. Lande for a consultation and oral exam. Once we approve your candidacy, we will discuss your cosmetic goals and design a personalized treatment plan. Most patients choose to have their veneers crafted from tooth-colored porcelain for its durability and realistic appearance compared to other materials, such as resin. 

Tooth Prep

Next, we prepare the teeth by removing a thin layer of enamel from the front surface so the veneers will lay flush with your surrounding teeth after placement. 


Dr. Lande takes impressions of your teeth and mouth to design your custom porcelain veneer. Our state-of-the-art 3D imaging technology allows us to take highly precise scans of the mouth for superior fitting veneers


The designs are sent to our trusted dental dab where an experienced ceramicist crafts your veneers. The skilled technicians manufacture the dental veneers out of porcelain in one to two weeks. If you need them sooner, we also offer a rush option to expedite the process


Once your dental veneers are ready, you return to our Carmel office for your second appointment to have them attached. Dr. Lande will check the look and fit against the surface of your tooth and make any necessary adjustments. The veneer is then secured to the enamel with a special dental adhesive that creates a powerful bond that can last well over a decade

Take A Closer Look at Veneer Placement

How to Care For Your Stunning New Veneers

Dr. Lande strives to give all his patients beautiful, healthy smiles that last. With proper care, your new veneers can last for ten years or longer. You can help keep your smile looking lovely by:

Practicing Good Oral Hygiene

Always brush your teeth and gums at least twice a day. You should also floss daily, so that no food gets stuck between your veneers and teeth.

Attending Regular Dentistry Visits

Dr. Lande can ensure that your teeth and veneers are in good shape as he conducts your routine cleanings. That way, he can look after each individual tooth in your smile.

Avoiding Sticky and Crunchy Foods

You should take care to avoid sticky foods, like toffee, and crunchy foods, like nuts, when you have veneers. Otherwise, you may cause damage to your dental work.

Address Multiple Cosmetic Concerns at Once Request Your Veneer Consultation

​Veneers can improve a variety of different cosmetic tooth concerns, which for many patients can make them a superior alternative to treatments such as whitening.

If you have discolored teeth along with breaks or misalignments, veneers can address each of those problems with a single procedure.

If you want to learn more about the possibilities, our dentist, Dr. Lande, can explain them all during your dental consultation at Lande Cosmetic, Implant, and Family Dentistry.

Contact our Carmel dentistry practice to begin or call:

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Porcelain veneers
Our veneers are made with durable, natural-looking porcelain. Dr. Lande will discuss the possibilities they can provide, such as refining chips and cracks, at our comfortable dental office.

Your Comfort Is Our Priority

"Dr lande  is always polite and does his thing quickly and does not cause any unnecessary pain or any pain at all"

Alternative Options to Veneers

Still not sure if porcelain veneers are right for you? Take a look at some alternative procedures we offer at our Carmel, IN, practice, serving Zionsville and the greater Indianapolis area.

A woman with professional whitening

Teeth Whitening

For surface-level discolorationprofessional whitening treatment can quickly and effectively brighten your natural teeth. While whitening can remove years worth of stains, the procedure is only effective for surface enamel and cannot correct darkened dentin rooted within the tooth structure. 

Porcelain dental crowns

Dental Crowns

If your teeth have suffered more severe structural damage and need additional support, our same-day crowns may be a better option. A dental crown encapsulates the entire surface of the tooth providing aesthetic enhancement as well as protection from future breakage and decay.

Combine Treatment For a Full Smile Makeover

For those struggling with more extensive cosmetic concerns, veneers can be combined with other procedures in a full smile makeover. When you request your consultation at our Carmel practice, Dr. Lande will create a treatment plan that uses multiple procedures to help you achieve your dream smile. 

In addition to veneers, your full smile makeover could include:

Orthodontic Care

While veneers can hide minor gaps and misalignments, they cannot correct severely crooked, overcrowded, or gapped teeth. In these cases, Dr. Lande may recommend one of our orthodontic treatments before he places veneers. Our Carmel practice offers traditional metal braces, Invisalign® clear aligners, SureSmile®, and Six Month Smiles® to correct more severe misalignments.

Gum Contouring

Your gums frame your teeth and create a balanced appearance. When there is excess tissue, it can make your teeth look small, short, and unflattering. While veneers can enhance the shape and size of your tooth, the excessive gum tissue will need to be removed first to create the desired look. Gum contouring can remove the excess tissue and reshape your tooth's appearance to balance your smile.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is often combined with veneer treatment to enhance the shade of your natural teeth before placing your new restorations. Our Carmel practice offers both professional take-home teeth whitening kits and in-office Zoom! whitening. Both systems are highly effective at quickly removing surface stains and creating a whiter, brighter smile. 

Contact our practice to learn more about our cosmetic dentistry treatments and how we can help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

A Worthwhile Investment In Your Smile

Many patients are concerned about treatment costs. While we understand the initial cost can be intimidating, it is an investment in your happiness and quality of life.

The longevity of porcelain veneers can make it a more affordable option in the long run for patients considering resin bonding. Bonding does not have the same durability as veneers and will need to be replaced more frequently. 

Having a smile you're proud of is priceless. Many patients have an improved quality of life following veneer treatment as they can confidently enter the world with their smiles on full display. Since there is virtually no downtime, you can experience a significant boost in confidence immediately after treatment. 

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"Dr Lande has always been available when emergencies have arose. He and his staff have always pleasant and they all make going to the dentist a little easier."
Gerald Lande, DDS

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Lande Cosmetic, Implant and Family Dentistry, founded in 1984 by Gerald Lande, DDS, provides patients from Carmel, Indianapolis, Zionsville, and beyond with general and advanced dental care in a comfortable, high-tech environment. Dr. Lande is associated with:

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